Strong. Stable. Sustainable

India has scripted a remarkably robust and resilient growth story over the last few decades - one that has been built on a strong foundation of reforms, fueled by stable economic progress and sustained by long-term demand. The new India paints a promising picture - a young populace, increasing opportunities and an improved quality of life. While we aren't insulated from global headwinds, the domestic tailwinds are powerful enough to ensure that we make steadfast progress over the next few years.

Edelweiss is named after the alpine flower that can withstand harsh terrains and climatic conditions. True to our name, we find resonance in India's resilience. Fired by big ideas, charting a path in liberalised India, we built an institution on the foundation of strong values and the grit of our people. Born in the mid-nineties, not backed by any major conglomerate, on the strength of our own convictions, we started with a corpus of around ₹10 million, growing to ₹87.15 billion in under 24 years. With a calibrated approach to business, we navigate short-term vagaries, while resolutely pursuing long‐term value creation.

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Consistent Track Record

Total Income
Profit Before Tax
Profit After Tax
Net Worth
Book Value Per Share
Diluted Earnings Per Share

FY19 Highlights

Total Income


Profit After Tax


Roa Ex Insurance

(Ex-Insurance) 2.4%

Roe Ex Insurance

(Ex-Insurance) 17.6%

Customer Assets


Net Worth


Debt Equity Ratio


Diluted Earnings Per Share


Gross Npa


Net Npa

NET NPA 0.83%

Provision Cover


All ratios are derived numbers based on consolidated financials

1 Excluding Balance Sheet Assets, based on management estimates

2 Ex-Treasury Assets

3 Including provisions on standard/Stage 1 and 2 assets



Representing wholeness, unity and harmony, the Circle is always anchored to a single focal point.

At Edelweiss, our guiding principles form a strong circle of influence and bind us together. Our governance framework holistically caters to the needs of the world around us, helping us positively influence both business and society.

An agile business, aligned to strong values and fortified by prudent risk management form the foundation of our success.



Representing steadiness and perseverance, the stability of the Triangle is a result of its weight being well-distributed across a wide base.

This is similar to our robust platform at Edelweiss, which derives strength from diversity. Allowing us to consistently invest in businesses that build long-term value, it also shields us from short-term market blips. Spanning three business segments – Credit, Advisory and Insurance, it enables us to offer our expertise across the entire customer lifecycle of creating, growing and protecting their financial needs and aspirations.



Found throughout nature, the Hexagon, symbolic of harmony and balance, illustrates maximising value with minimal resources.

Edelweiss’s quest for sustainable excellence is similar. Building a quality organisation is of paramount importance to us. We believe in investing in our people, optimising our technology architecture to be future-ready and creating winning customer experiences.

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Centered by our Guiding Principles

Over the last two decades, our 13 Guiding Principles have been the principal authority that govern us and they continue to drive us in the direction of creating value for all our stakeholders. They are a blend of our ideals, culture and business ethics that ensure that the company takes the right path, for the right reasons, without compromising on the long-term vision.

thinking organisation

We are a Thinking Organisation. We constantly bring thought to everything we do. Our clients' and our own success depends on our ability to use greater ideation and more imagination in our approach

we are fair

We are Fair to our clients, employees and all stakeholders

Operate as a Partnership

We Operate as a Partnership, internally and externally. Though individuals are very often brilliant, we believe teamwork and collaboration always ensures a better and more balanced organisation. We also treat our clients as partners and show them the same respect and consideration that we would towards our internal team members

Focus on the Long-Term

We Focus on the Long-Term. Though the world will change a lot in the coming years and our assumptions for the future may not hold up, we reflect on the long-term implications of our actions. Even when making short-term decisions we are aware of the long-term implications

Focus on Growth

We Focus on Growth for our clients, employees and shareholders

Our Reputation

Our Reputation and Image is more important than any financial reward. Reputation is hard to build and even harder to rebuild. It is impacted by our ability to think for our clients, maintain confidentiality and by our adherence to our value system

rules of the land

We Obey and Comply with the rules of the land. We maintain the highest standard of integrity and honesty. When we are unclear we seek clarifications

Take Care of our People

We Take Care of our People. Our policies - in spirit and in letter - ensure transparency and equal opportunity for all. We go beyond the normal goals of attracting, recruiting, retaining and rewarding fine talent. We ensure that every individual in Edelweiss has an opportunity to achieve their fullest potential

We Respect Risk

We Respect Risk. Our business is a constant challenge of balancing risk and reward. Our ability to constantly keep one eye on risk guides us through this fine balance

resource for growth

Our Financial Capital is a critical resource for growth. We endeavour to grow, protect and use our financial capital wisely

Our Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience defines us. We strive to make it outstanding at all times

We Listen and Fulfil

We Listen and Fulfil the customer’s needs. Listening is the start of the relationship wherein we understand their needs and fulfil these with the most appropriate products and solutions

We satisfy the needs of all stakeholders

We satisfy the needs of all stakeholders; shareholders who entrust us with their capital, employees who create the organisation, customers who are the reason we exist and society which gives us the resources and opportunity to create value

Embedded in Governance

At Edelweiss, we define good governance as discipline internally to ensure discipline externally. Committed to act in a transparent, fair and accountable manner, we continuously seek ways to enhance governance and oversight of the company and to simplify and appropriately de-risk our operations. Adopting voluntary practices that underline the highest levels of transparency and propriety, we work hard to earn the trust and respect of our shareholders, employees, customers and the communities we serve every single day.

Tenets of our Corporate Governance Philosophy

  • Trust – No compromise on ethics and integrity
  • Legitimacy – Transparent, fair decision-making
  • Accountability – Responsible conduct and responsiveness
  • Competence – Simplification for enhancing effectiveness
  • Respect – Uphold the letter and spirit of the law of the land

Corporate Governance Framework

We are committed to enhancing long-term shareholder value by creating a sustainable enterprise that delivers consistent performance.

governance esg report

Simplicity in Structure

Strong Governance is characterised by simplicity. We espouse a structure that brings together synergistic businesses, improves agility and provides a strong foundation for scale. This enables us to move faster, adapt quickly, facilitate rapid learning and embrace the dynamic demands of our customers.

governance credit


Helping our customers CREATE wealth

  • Retail Credit
  • Corporate Credit
  • Distressed Credit
governance advisory


Helping our customers GROW wealth

  • Wealth Management
  • Asset Management
  • Capital Markets
governance insurance


Helping our customers PROTECT life and wealth.

  • Life Insurance
  • General Insurance

Capturing a Panoramic View of Risk

At Edelweiss, tempering acceleration with necessary brakes results in a calibrated approach to risk management, which helps us hone our strategy, navigate difficult times and gives us a firm foundation for growth.

We strive to proactively anticipate vulnerabilities, through a robust risk management architecture with a strong team of risk and compliance professionals, whose invaluable expertise and foresight strengthen our business decisions.

Risk Management Framework

custom risk management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Enabling us to have a Group wide holistic view of risk, our ERM defines how we set and achieve business objectives, while monitoring and controlling risks. The framework is structured around eleven risk vectors

  • Business Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Operational & Process Risk
  • Fraud Risk
  • Regulatory Risk
  • Reputation Risk
  • Technology Risk
  • People Risk
  • Physical & Infrastructure Risk

Strengthening the Risk Culture

  • Refining and automating risk measurement systems ensuring increased transparency
  • Centres of Excellence address diverse business risks in a uniform manner, delivering enhanced efficiency, safety and service to customers
  • Fostering a compliance and risk consciousness amongst employees through an awareness and recognition programme
  • Best in class risk management practices – earning us the Golden Peacock Award twice in three years

Building a Diversified Business Model

At Edelweiss Group, the sheer might of our diversified platform ensures a stable and steady growth, averaging environmental highs and lows. With an ex-insurance Profit After Tax (PAT) CAGR of 36% over the last eight years, we will continue to calibrate as we scale up and businesses mature. A healthy equity base coupled with superior asset quality lends strength to our ₹539 billion balance sheet, while the diversified borrowings and conservative gearing demonstrate strong liquidity and liability management. Forging partnerships with some of the world’s leading institutions across our businesses enables us to deliver top quality products and services to our burgeoning 1.2 million customer base. Our agile business structure helps us meet the diverse financial needs of our clients, spanning sovereign republics and corporate houses to the average urban and rural Indian households.

edelgroup credit


  • Retail Credit: Financing homes and small and medium businesses, focusing on the self-employed
  • Corporate Credit: Providing business loans to mid-market corporates
  • Distressed Credit: Unlocking value and creating jobs in stalled projects through our Asset Reconstruction business
edelgroup advisory


  • Wealth Management: Serving India’s wealthiest and affluent
  • Asset Management: Delivering private credit products and mutual funds for institutions and individuals, both domestic and global
  • Capital Markets: Advising and meeting the capital needs of companies, largely focusing on the mid-market segment
edelgroup insurance


  • Life Insurance: Protecting life and wealth through our partnership with Tokio Marine, a leading global insurer
  • General Insurance: Offering protection of health and assets of our customers through innovative products and services

Stable Performance

stable performance

Financial Health

financial health

Deepening our Roots in Credit

Our credit businesses continue to build a quality franchise, maintaining immaculate asset quality in spite of market headwinds. Evenly split across both retail and corporate credit, we are determined to double our credit book in the next three years and substantially scale up the retail share in it upto 70%. Committed to building a diversified credit platform, we forged a partnership with CDPQ, one of North America’s largest pension fund managers, who will invest US$ 250 million over the next two years. Not only is this a validation of the quality of our book, it also provides us with enough growth capital as we go ahead. Capitalising on the highly scalable retail segment, we continue to focus on tapping the chronically underserved market via mortgages, business and home loans.

  • Total Credit Book now stands at ₹435 billion (₹420 billion FY18)
  • Retail Credit at 42% of Total Credit (39% FY18)
  • NIM including fees improved to 8.1% (7.7% FY18)
  • RoA at 2.6% (2.2% FY18)
  • RoE (pre-MI) at 18.7% (18.1% FY18)
  • Gross NPAs at 1.87% and Net NPAs at 0.83% with total provision cover at 120% including provisions on standard assets

Retail Credit

With a sustained growth trajectory, we look forward to building significant scale.

Corporate Credit

We continue to build a solid and stable credit book.

corporate credit

Distressed Credit

Leadership position in the asset reconstruction space, with landmark recoveries and a robust pipeline of acquisitions for future growth.

Helming a Distinguished Advisory Practice

With over ₹1.6 trillion in customer assets, our advisory businesses not only enjoy market dominance but are also capital light. With an expanding market share, they continue to bolster our strong customer franchise. Forging strategic partnerships with marquee global institutions, we continue to build expertise and accessibility for our clients. Our Wealth Management business assists 2,000 of India’s wealthiest families as well as 485,000 affluent clients. Our Asset Management business continued its fund raising and deployment momentum in the Alternatives space, with one of the largest fund raises in Asia. Backed by incisive research capabilities, our Capital Markets business addresses the funding and advisory needs of mid-market Indian companies trying to raise capital, helping them attract quality investors.

Wealth Management

We are one of India’s fastest growing and among the top 3 wealth management businesses, with Assets under Advice (AuA) of over ₹1 trillion. We entered into a strategic alliance with Bank of Singapore, creating a powerful global investment proposition for our clients.

wealth management

Asset Management

With a healthy growth in Assets under Management (AuM) to ₹370 billion, the year also saw a US$ 200 million strategic investment by Allianz Investment Management in the private debt platform.

asset management

Capital Markets

Retained leadership position in Equity and Debt Capital market transactions and also focused on investments in the asset services businesses around clearing and custody verticals, which has led to a healthy growth in our Assets Under Custody (now at ~₹200 billion).

capital markets mob

Widening Insurance Coverage

Our insurance business group comprises Life Insurance and our newly launched General Insurance services. With a robust agency network, we offer a bouquet of insurance products across the lifecycle of our customers helping them protect their wealth, assets and life.

life insurance

Life Insurance

We are one of the fastest growing life insurers in India, with a distinctive product and channel mix. Building stronger customer connect through innovative and award winning products, we continue to build a quality proposition. Our partnership with Tokio Marine, one of the large global insurers, provides us with capital and the know-how to develop a top class business, built around customer needs, which will help build scale and sustainable profitability.

life insurance
general insurance

General Insurance

The year marks our foray into the General Insurance business. In our first year of operations, we crossed the ₹1 billion premium mark, with 24 product approvals. While we leverage our Group platform for cross-selling opportunities, we persistently build multi-channel distribution partnerships.

A Thriving People Culture

At Edelweiss, a diverse multi-cultural base of over 11,000 high-performing individuals with myriad and diverse skill sets, ideas and experiences form our greatest asset. Equipping them with equal opportunities, a healthy work environment and a platform to grow is what drives a common ethos of empowerment and shared ownership across the Group.

Leadership Pipeline

The Edelweiss Leadership Program identifies and grooms a deep and growing talent pool of high potential leaders and builds a solid leadership bench across levels, which currently comprises ~6% of the employee base.

leadership pipeline

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in building an inclusive workplace where diversity of thought drives competitive advantage. With zero tolerance to discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, creed, religion and sexual orientation, we provide a safe, multi-cultural work environment. Regular awareness workshops are conducted for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and employees are encouraged to use Dil Ki Baat–an open and transparent communication platform which provides direct interface with the Chairman.

  • 20% of our employee base comprises women
  • 14% of senior leadership comprises women
  • Young and engaged workforce with an average age of 31 years

Employee Experience

We believe in fostering a unique environment where our employees are valued and have the opportunity to reach their full potential at work and beyond.

  • Committed to building a value based culture, we recognise outstanding achievements in risk management, collaboration, customer centricity, people development, technology and innovation at Titans, our annual awards and recognition program
  • Leveraging the skills of 70% of our employee base, we encourage them to play a part in social responsibility programs powered by non-profit organisations supported by EdelGive Foundation
  • Promoting healthier lifestyles, our employee engagement initiatives, which see close to 70% participation, enhance mental, emotional and financial well-being

Delightful Customer Experiences

At Edelweiss, our sound business franchise is a result of our long-term relationships with our customers. Guided by research insights and powered by technology, we constantly strive to provide an integrated experience spanning various touchpoints, products and geographies. Committed to reinforcing a customer-centric culture, we have embraced the CWOW - ASSURED framework in order to help our 1.2 million customers #BeUnlimited.



We will be Accessible to our customers and make it easier for them to get in touch with us.


We will be Upfront and transparent in our dealings, communicate all relevant risks and ensure that the customer understands them clearly.

Easy to Deal

We will be Easy to Deal with. Simply put, we will uncomplicate. We will simplify. We will make it a pleasure to work with us.

Same Side

We will be on the Same Side and listen to our customers with empathy. We will understand and resolve their problems. We will align our actions to their needs.

Remove Limitations

We will Remove Limitations by striving to squash all obstacles for our customers so they can achieve their aspirations.


We will be Dependable and take ownership of the solutions we deliver to our customers.

Going the Last Mile

  • Instant loan approvals and end-to-end tracking platform, helping clients get visibility across the credit approval process as well as speedy loan disbursals
  • Launched the Liveability Index, an artificial intelligence based rating methodology enabling customers to make smarter home buying decisions
  • SWIFT account opening for Portfolio Management Services and Alternative Investment Funds
  • Facilitated instant transactions, reducing onboarding to less than a minute for our mutual fund customers
  • Edelweiss Mobile Trading Application garnered over a million downloads and received a rating of 4.6 on Google Play Store for its user-friendly interface
  • Enabled the General Insurance website with the best user interface/user experience practices making the purchase of insurance amongst the simplest in the category
  • Zero wait time, guaranteed admission and deposit-free hospitalisation for health insurance
  • Customer feedback garnered through a holistic NPS methodology helping sharpen the service offerings

Advancing Digitalisation

Technology at Edelweiss occupies centre stage as a business enabler. Harnessing the power of analytics to build superior business propositions, using technology to bring down the cost of product offerings and enhance the overall customer experience, digitalisation is now a way of life at Edelweiss.

Technology Transforming Business

Continuing our digital transformation journey through the platform approach, enables us to create a flexible, structured and scalable technology foundation across businesses. With accelerated time-to-market, we are able to not only increase our efficiencies but also reduce the risks. With seamless data and information flow across our customers, partners and extended ecosystem, the platform approach helps us break silos and create enterprise-wide efficiencies.

Our Key Priorities

Scale up

Scale up infrastructure to get future ready for the new normal

Advance usage

Advance usage of cloud technology to maximise synergies across the Group


Simplify, optimise systems & processes

Leverage robotics

Leverage robotics and artificial intelligence to build intuitiveness

Some of our Initiatives

  • Genie - a single data warehouse for product teams, distributors and clients across our public market business, thereby improving productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Improving back-end operations for AMC channel partners through Galaxy – an online platform, in addition to providing easy access to marketing material and collaterals through the MF Store
  • Enhancing sales efficiency by empowering the asset management sales teams with real time data and research through the Kshitij platform
  • Enabling our life insurance business to fast track product launches by 6x, issue new policies in under 10 minutes, improve branch efficiency by 50% and reduce manual interventions from 67% to 7% through Transcend
  • Driving extensive use of Robotics Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence across various businesses through a well-established Centre of Excellence
  • Data modernisation drive with a single customer view and analytics, bringing innovative products and services to market as well strengthening risk management
  • Encouraging innovative thinking and problem solving among the developer community through the Edelweiss Hackathon which saw over 10,000 participants coming together to solve real business problems through artificial intelligence and machine learning