Edelweiss Group is one of India’s leading financial services conglomerates. The Group, buttressed by total assets* of over ₹1.56 trillion, enjoys a diverse and robust platform spanning three scalable and profitable business segments; Credit (retail, corporate and distressed asset resolution), Franchise (wealth management, asset management and capital markets) and Insurance. This de-risked diversified business model reflects Edelweiss’s experience in the growth of India across its multiple consuming facets, from industrial behemoths and large companies through to small businesses and the average Indian urban and rural household.

India today is witnessing a paradigm shift owing to a unique convergence of steadfast vision, inclusive growth and deep policy reforms, all intended to positively affect all Indians. The country’s focus on infrastructure development, digital transformation, urbanisation and social upliftment backed by demonstration of good governance has been energising. Sustaining its GDP growth, even as there have been global headwinds, India strikes a fine balance between growth and fiscal prudence.

We have built our 22nd Annual Report around key words that we feel best describe the journey our country is taking – with us in lockstep. In the following pages the words – Balance, Align, Stretch, Rise, Step-up, Strengthen, Pursue, Impact and Uphold – effectively convey the dynamism and transformation that we are seeing around us. We stay inspired by the nation’s sure-footed approach towards what is probably going to be India’s game changing decade, balanced by bold and decisive moves to improve the here and now. For each and everyone.




*Total assets under management includes on Balance Sheet Assets, Distressed Assets Credit (ARC Assets), Wealth Management AuA, Asset Management funds under management and Assets under Custody